Over the weekend, actress Emma Watson delivered a speech at UN Headquarters in New York about a new gender equality initiative called HeForShe. The address was widely hailed—"game-changing," "stirring," "powerful"—and it drew the attention of men's rights trolls over at 4chan, one of whom is now threatening to leak nude photos of Watson.

The user (his identity is not known) has started a website with the url emmayouarenext.com, and is claiming that Watson will be the latest famous woman to have her nudes revealed for the world to see. The page displays a countdown, as seen above; it says that images of Watson will be distributed in roughly four days.

The thread that sparked this site has either been removed from /b/—4chan's most notorious board—or already been lost in the sands of time (4chan threads self-destruct as new ones pop up). But some of the posts were preserved by Death and Taxes—here is a rather emblematic response:

she makes stupid feminist speeches at UN, and now her nudes will be online, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

The validity of the claim that Watson's nudes will be leaked at a certain hour obviously remains in question until the images either materialize or not, but some posters in the original /b/ thread were maintaining that there will be a payoff:

It is real and going to happen this weekend. That feminist bitch Emma is going to show the world she is as much of a whore as any woman.

With 4chan gaining notoriety in the mainstream press it's easy to view the site as a monolith—the mistake CNN made recently when it asked the infinitely stupid question "Who is 4chan?" But 4chan, like most internet communities, is made up of thousands of people, and though they may share some semblance of a unified worldview, they're much less organized than ignorant scaremongers on cable news would have their viewers believe. And it's more likely that a single person alleged to be speaking out for the group is actually just that, a single person—a problem that Anonymous dealt with during the days after Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

All of which is to say that despite the fact that dozens of female celebrities have had their nudes leaked in recent weeks, and despite protestations from various 4chan users saying that this is the real deal, it's likely that emmayouarenext.com is all smoke and no fire. Teenage boys are prone to boasts.

UPDATE: This was fake, though not in the way we predicted. Daily Dot has the story.