The Obama family is featured on the September cover of Essence. The family portrait is an important part of a politician's campaign—it's where they can send subliminal messages while showing you, the voter, what an all-American guy they really are. (And what's more all-American than color-coordinating your family's outfits red, white, and blue?) What do recent presidential candidates' family photos say about them?

From Essence. Note the similar setting and pose in comparison with the Kennedy photo below. Intentional?

"We're so iconic and windswept, we don't even have to try."

"We're from an area of the country that sees matching flag t-shirts as perfectly acceptable. Just like you. Well, give or take a few million in oil money."

"We're a modern, career-driven power couple—only one child, please!"

"As you can see from the matching, old-timey shirts, the men in the Huckabee family come from a long line of carnival barkers."

"I'm John McCain, and I'm not afraid to adopt. Also, my seed is still fertile. Just so you know."