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Relief swept Defamer HQ today as we can finally close the book on the long, tortured saga of Fanboys, the terminal-cancer by-way-of-Skywalker-Ranch buddy comedy whose scissoring (and presumed dumping) at the hands of Harvey Weinstein provoked such authentic fanboy outrage last spring. But now a press release from Darth Weinstein himself announced that Fanboys will receive a second premiere this week at San Diego ComicCon — now with fans' "extensive feedback" added to the final cut.

The Weinsteins aren't leaving anything to chance, though, bringing out precautionary, surprisingly deferential big guns like producer Kevin Spacey just in case:

"I could not be more excited that Fanboys is being released this September and is the version of the film that the fans want," said Fanboys producer Kevin Spacey. "I am enormously grateful to Jedi Knight Harvey Weinstein for having allowed Trigger Street to restore Fanboys to its original story and am thrilled that it will first screen during Comic-Con. We believe in this film and are honored that George Lucas and all his team gave us permission to film at Skywalker Ranch and let us have so much fun with Star Wars. We also have a couple of surprises in the film that I think will bring added enjoyment to all the fans of Lucas' great and epic movies, and Trigger Street is proud to have produced this film and to have kept the dark side at bay."

"Jedi Knight Harvey Weinstein"? Great — so is this the part of Harvey's story where a disappointed Yoda is stuck raising his sunken business from the swamp? Goldman Sachs is asking for few spoilers, if so.