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Like most celebrants of cinema's smoldering, dangerous geek-stud archetype, we've been following actor Justin Theroux's career arc for a while — mostly in front of the camera, obviously, where his roles in Mullholland Drive, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Six Feet Under and elsewhere yielded a batch of performances we presumed would catapult him to the A-list sooner or later. But now it's just getting ridiculous, as we're learning that Theroux just nabbed one of the most desirable writing gigs in Hollywood: Iron Man 2.

Not long after returning director Jon Favreau went mildly public with script concerns in advance of Marvel's two-year turnaround, Theroux joins Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. in the creative cluster responsible for The Biggest, Hugest, Megapressure Sequel of 2010. This after exactly one previous writing job co-scripting (with Ben Stiller and Etan Cohen) next month's hit-to-be Tropic Thunder for Marvel's partners at Paramount, and one underseen directing job on the Weinstein-smothered, indie rom-com Dedication. It's an intriguing gamble by Marvel, who reaped Actor-Power benefits from Iron Man that notably went missing-in-action in Ed Norton's hands-on Incredible Hulk.

Saying the studio will take the best two out of three is obvious oversimplifying, but this kind of inexpensive one-brain cohesion is a studio M.O. we can get behind. And Theroux — we get it! You're talented! Try modesty; mix in a pseudonym or something already. For our sakes! Jesus.