All that sucking up to Chris Anderson and "branding" herself as a sort-of techie has finally paid off! New York dating columnist Julia Allison—famous for being famous for no reason on the Internet—will grace the August cover of Wired. (She must have timed her baffling new website Non Society in order to coincide with the cover.)

Hey—if a meeting with a Wired marketing manager falls in the forest, and no one blogs it—did it still happen? Um, no. Allison's new web portal apparently exists to keep us informed of such things.

Below: Julia Allison and Megan Asha palling around with Wired editor Chris Anderson. Wrote Allison at the time,

"I really don't know how to properly explain JUST. How. FREAKING. RIDICULOUSLY excited I was to meet THE Chris Anderson, fearless editor-in-chief of Wired, heroic author of The Long Tail, valorous possesser of the 2008 National Magazine Award for Best Design (holla, Scott & Wyatt!). Let's put it this way: I stood there grinning and bopping him enthusiastically with my marshmallow kabob "flair" for like 20 minutes. Behold the photos below. It was awesome."