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On the set of her latest film, Labor Pains, Lindsay Lohan ran into a different kind of pain at the craft service table. Earlier in the day, Lohan had over heard a couple crew members raving about the donuts; in particular, the apple fritters at the craft service table. Yet, by the time, Lohan managed to make her way to the craft services, all of the pastries were gone. She asked a P.A. where had all the donuts gone, but the P.A. shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know, but they were really awesome. I think Stan in the camera department might have half of an apple fritter. I can check for you." Lohan decided against sharing the donut and picked up an apple instead. Lohan said, "If I can't have the delicious sugary baked thing, then I guess I'll have the boring, somewhat healthy thing as a snack."

[Photo Credit: Flynet]

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