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Sexiest Beef-Pusher Alive Matthew McConaughey can strike "dabble in fatherhood" from his phonebook-thick bucket list, as his girlfriend has just birthed the actor's first child: a healthy son, with ten fingers, ten toes, but—in an unfortunate congenital defect which doctors reassure will have no bearing on the child's quality of life—only one, tiny flip-flop. From the Reuters report:

The child — the first for McConaughey and model Camila Alves — was born on Monday evening, the report quoted the actor's publicist as saying.

McConaughey, 38, said in January that he and Alves were "stoked and wowed" by the pending arrival.

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While no name has yet been announced, we thought we'd contribute in our own small way by compiling this list of possible names for the little guy, and letting you vote on your favorites. We'll be sure to send along the results to Matthew and his happy family!

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