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Where is Jennifer Aniston? We've been asking ourselves that question for what feels like three whole days now. And we're apparently not the only ones. At a gig in Milwaukee last night, boyfriend John Mayer was pouring his heart into those Grammy-winning sobfests he calls a repertoire when the usual "I want your body!" and "Are you sure you're not gay!" yelps from fans turned from coos to catty. Reports People, "Several fans were overheard yelling 'Where's Jennifer?' and 'Bring Jen Out!' in between songs." Though Mayer got his revenge by boring the crowd to tears with a volatile hate rant against the Internet and all its "vulgar" ways, we couldn't help wondering how long the oh-so-serious musician will allow yet another tabloid-y romance interfere with his craft. Or is his craft only sustainable with the help of all these tabloid-y romances?

During the singer's first tour of love with original Mayer groupie Jessica Simpson, his girlfriend displayed an eerily similar series of uber-fan moves by schlepping along a big camera to take mid-performance pictures with and "rocking out" at his concerts. But Simpson's unsurprising lack of actual knowledge when it came to his song lyrics and tendency to steal Mayer's thunder by distracting the crowd with her awkward dance moves and lip syncing. And Aniston is continuing the star status-for-headlines narrative by proving herself to be the main attraction during his shows and, according to PopCrunch, behaving every bit like the notoriously jealous Jessica and having potentially man-stealing starlets like Kimberly Stewart ejected from the audience. With all the off-stage girl drama that comes with a John Mayer performance, it looks like any press he actually receives for his career is directly related to how big of an ass his current paramour can possibly make of herself gig after gig.