This is exactly the type of shit you won't be missing if you have the blessing of going out of town this weekend: being yelled at by jerks at the trendiest new dive-themed dive bar downtown. This week's culprit: Taavo-Somers designed nautical spot The Rusty Knot, where a tipster went the other night:

"My friend picked the bar for her birthday party, so I was obligated to go, despite my usual strategy of avoiding places that get drooling reviews and publicity from New York magazine and the rest. I got there at around 10:30. The bouncer told me that I would have to wait a few minutes, which was fine. He was kind of rude, but no big deal—the real drama didn't start until a few minutes later.

"A girl who had been inside poked her head out to say hello to some of her friends who weren't being let in. When she tried to go back in (about 30 seconds later) he started screaming at her. She tried to explain that she was going to leave but just needed to get her purse from inside, at which point he started screaming at her. Granted, the girl was a dumbass to leave her stuff inside to begin with, but after 5 minutes of his ranting at her, calling her a bitch, telling her to just shut up and stop talking, and eventually reducing her to hysterical tears, you'd think he would have cracked enough to let her in for a minute to grab her stuff. But instead he made her wait outside for 10 more minutes, sobbing, while he let in a bunch of other people. And it clearly wasn't that he didn't believe her. He was just getting off on humiliating her. It was really disturbing, and it made everyone feel icky."

[Photo above: Down By the Hipster]