US News tells us what to do if we love our job (but hate our boss)—or if we hate both! It's fairly oldfangled: "Write a journal about it... Rereading the entries at a later, less emotional time helped her gain perspective." Whatever, that's for teen girls. The cutting thing to do would be to keep an anonymous blog about your boss on the Internet (once you're OK with eventually being fired for it.)

Make sure to build up momentum by getting progressively more caustic and revealing. Your eventual firing will be a blessing. Make sure to publicize it—the resulting news bump will add your name to the "fired for blogging about work" folder. This is also a good time to get in touch with a couple of agents, if the more Internet-savvy ones haven't called you already. Remember—you're part of a trend now.

Oh, and save IM logs. They'll serve as great notes when you're writing your book. Just remember, your boss is probably logging and saving your IM convos, too. I know mine is.

Also: dungeons and sex clubs. Your boss probably goes to one or the other. Make sure to get its name.

Be creative and think outside the box! There are all kinds of ways to screw your boss over, 2.0-style. One or two embarrassing party pics can go a long way on the blogs these days—and annoy him or her on Google Images for at least the next year.

Got any other suggestions?