We've got several gay dudes today, one very generous actor, and thankfully no rape. Seriously though, there is probably at least one "which actor is gayyyyyy" blind item every day. Is Hollywood that homo, or are we just talking about the same few actors all the time? Decide for yourselves after the jump.

1) "What two hunky actors are refraining from any public displays of affection now that spies on their set are suggesting they're more than friends?" [NYDN]

2) "Who's the Hollywood heart-throb who refuses sex with gorgeous women, but still dates them so he can pretend he's straight?" [Mirror]

3) "This must have happened about six months ago now. Chicago. In one corner you have a B list actor. Married. For now. A list name recognition. How about A+ name recognition. Anyway, our actor was in town doing some press, making some friends, drinking a little bit. He shouldn't, but he does. So, our actor befriended a few of the waitresses at this particular establishment. One of them came up to him and was talking about how some guy had ordered Cristal or something for his girlfriend for their six month anniversary or something and he then realized he had left his wallet at home. Our actor told the waitress to say that the manager had picked up the bill and our actor paid it. Our actor had such a good time doing that nice thing that he decided to pick up every tab in the place that night. He didn't announce it or scream it because then everyone would have just ordered and ordered. Instead, he spoke with the manager and as each person settled their bill they were told it was on the house and thanks for being such a good customer when instead each tab was actually paid for by the actor. Final bill? About $10,000. Plus tip. He is always a good tipper." [CDaN]