People ask me this all the time, and I'm perhaps the worst person to consult. After being fired from a doll store and a telemarketing company, I started some internships (at age 26), which eventually turned into the incredibly glamorous job of blogging by the pageview. So what's a young, smart person just arrived in New York to do? A jobless and confused reader needs our help! "I moved to NYC in January. Gawker is about media news and that happens to be the field I am getting myself into. But I have one important question, how in the world does that happen in this city?"

"I interned for a cable news-parody show, did great in school, and I find that down here, doors are just slammed in my face for reasons I cannot understand. I have tried every avenue, e-mail, job websites, regular mail, knocking on doors, and now e-mailing strangers to see if anyone has any advice. Do you have any advice? It would be much appreciated."

"I also majored in journalism and political science if that's of any interest... I guess my biggest problem with the job search is these websites that all of the major media companies use, especially Time Warner. They post about 20 jobs a day, and I apply for every single one I am qualified for and I never hear a thing. Same thing with NBC. I actually followed up my online applications with a mailing of my resume and cover letter to them. Five days later I got this postcard back that told me to use their website and that they couldn't help me. It's infuriating. I think a lot of people go through college doing a great job thinking when they graduate, a job will fall in their laps. Clearly not the case."

Post your suggestions in the comments section—real suggestions! Your own examples! We'll round up the most servicey replies! And don't make fun. Because I barely know, either.