Good gravy. Tinsley Mortimer is making a cameo on Gossip Girl next season, which she filmed over the weekend in the Hamptons. The handbag-designing, gobbledygook-talking Upper East Side socialite is a natural fit for the Upper East Side teen soap, we think. One wonders if she'll be playing herself or a character, perhaps named Brinsley Lorimer or something (who maybe eats banana peels and falls down the stairs a lot.) It's somewhat exciting news for Mortimer fans who were undoubtedly saddened by the untimely passing of her scuttled reality show. ("It was incredibly boring. The project is dead." Ouch!) Tinz joins fellow socialite Lydia Hearst, who guested on the first season finale back in May. Above is a picture of Ms. Mortimer on the set (via INF), and after the jump is an exclusive clip from one of her GG scenes.