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Try as we might, there really is no fresh angle to report in the ongoing contract drama between SAG leadership and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers — the saber-rattling fuckers hate each other, and no strike-avoiding resolution is in sight before the current deal's June 30 expiration date. That said, a story is a story, so why not stimulate your interest (and ours) by adding your own fun invective and hyperbole to the mix!

For starters: "The threat of a SAG [NOUN] reached near-[ADJECTIVE] levels this week as the actor's union [PAST-TENSE VERB] continued its acrimonious stand-off with the [PLURAL NOUN] at the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers." Follow the jump for more — the fun (almost) never ends!

The week began with the latest [NOUN] between SAG and its former [GERUND] partners at AFTRA, whose recent prime-time [NOUN] with the studios was the target of a [ADJECTIVE] SAG rally on Monday. "Instead of using every day it has this [NOUN] to aggressively and [ADVERB] negotiate for its members, the SAG committee spends days in internal [NOUN], planning the 'Vote No!' campaign, staging [PLURAL NOUN], putting staff on the marching line and spending our [ADJECTIVE] money trying to defeat it," AFTRA negotiating committee chairman Matt Kimbrough said in a [NOUN].

A day later, SAG executive director Alan Rosenberg told Variety that contract negotiations had been [ADJECTIVE] since AFTRA made its own [NOUN] with the majors. A deal seems unlikely by [PROPER NOUN] 30, he added. Among the continuing [ADJECTIVE] points: new-media jurisdiction, product placement, force majeure and DVD residuals.

Meanwhile, the AMPTP is standing by its [NOUN] that SAG won't get a [ADJECTIVE] deal than AFTRA. The latest reports have the studios [GERUND] the news [NOUN] to accuse SAG of stalling negotiations until July 7, after the results of AFTRA's own vote are [PAST-TENSE VERB]. "We hope that Rosenberg's [NOUN] does not signal the intention of SAG's Hollywood leaders to bring our industry to a [NOUN]. We remain committed to [GERUND] as hard as we can to reach our fifth [ADJECTIVE] agreement of 2008 by June 30," the studios announced in a statement.

Meanwhile, SAG has yet to seek a [ADJECTIVE] authorization from its 120,000 [PLURAL NOUN]. Follow up with us again next week if/when any progress is [PAST-TENSE VERB]!