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Just in from the set of her new film, the picture that could have launched a 1,000 rumors if its subject wasn't joined at the hip with another woman almost hourly: Lindsay Lohan is back at work — with a baby bump! OMG! Except, of course, well, no. "Lindsay Lohan wore a prosthetic baby bump Thursday while shooting her new comedy Labor Pains in Encino, California," report the killjoys at US Magazine. "She plays an assistant who pretends to be pregnant in a desperate attempt to keep her nasty boss from firing her." So meta, really, considering even her films' own broadcasters these days can't help but market their unwatchability; Starz should be ashamed of itself. Anyway, jump ahead for a closer look at what actually actually to be more "clump" than "bump" at this stage. All the more sympathetic, Linds — you know all our weaknesses. [US]