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In this time of war, the US Marine Corps is ready to do whatever it takes to meet its recruitment levels, and that includes teaching black people not to be so darn scared of the water. In this ad that aired during the NBA Finals last week, the Marines send a simple, straightforward message: "Hey, black people. We know you can't swim. That's okay! We'll teach you how, and then let you ride in a cool boat, if you just sign up for the Marines now. Okay? Okay." Watch the subtle stereotyping in action below:

BONUS: The guy featured in the ad, Thomas Hill, was himself persuaded to join the Marines by an ad!

"I was watching TV with some buddies when this commercial came on — a guy on a white horse locked in battle. Then, when he jumps off the horse, his suit of armor becomes dress blues. He's a Marine," he recalls. "I knew right then and there, I wanted to be that guy."