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Bones star David Boreanaz engaged in a friendly game of keep away with a photographer at the Monte Carlo TV festival. Quickly, a group of other photographers formed a circle around Boreanaz and began to chant "keep away" in French. The photographer pleaded with Boreanaz to return the camera since it was his only camera. When that didn't work, the photog told a story about how the camera had been given to him by a girl who had a crush on him back in high school. Unfortunately for the photog, the story sounded like pure gibberish to Boreanaz, due to the fact that he decided to take Spanish in high school instead of French. Soon after, the principal of the TV festival came by and broke up the game, dragging Boreanaz by the ear into his office, where he threatened to call Boreanaz's parents if he kept the bad behavior up.

[Photo Credit: Splash Pics]