Click to viewEver wonder what some of your favorite television news reporters look like during sex? Gawker video guys Richard Blakeley and Nick McGlynn, along with their army of interns, have collected still frames of fifty reporters, anchors, and other TV folks giving their best "O faces." The expressions imply everything from long and luxurious moans to awkward and embarrassing early finishes. Find all 50 after the jump. The dirtier your mind, the more you'll enjoy them.

Jon Stewart

Ines Rosales

Greg Hepkin

Andrea Day

Anderson Cooper

Charles Gibson

Bob Schieffer

Mark Steines

Katy Tur

Katie Snow

Diane Sawyer

Rick Sanchez

Patricia Del Rio

Maria Bartiromo

Emily Francis

John Muller

Cynthia Bowers

Brian Williams

Steve Salvatore

Stephen Colbert

Hazel Sanchez

Dave Carlin

Deborah Norville

Terry Moran

Sue Simmons

Charlie Rose

Juju Chang

Bill O'Reilly

Joel McHale

Kathie Lee Gifford

Arnold Diaz

Linda Church

Tracie Strahan

Chris Wragge

Kristine Johnson

Nick Gregory

Mike Woods

Shepard Smith

Sabrina Fang

Dick Brennan

Giovanna Drpic

Bertha Coombs

Mary Hart

Mary Calvi

Lisa Evers

Kelly Wallace

Dan Kloeffler

Margaret Brennan

Chris Cuomo

Katie Couric