Hey dudes! Are you totally moving to LA, hoping to pull hot chicks and drive a fancy car and maybe have some sort of pretend job, just like boy-about-town and occasional Hills idiot Brody Jenner? Well you're in luck! The socialite son of athlete (and current Kardashian wrangler) Bruce Jenner will be starring in his own reality show, an inevitable piece of muck unfortunately titled Bromance. Shudder. Interestingly, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's production company is behind the MTV debacle, which will feature "'"regular guys' who come to Hollywood and compete in a series of challenges from skydiving to dealing with the paparazzi — in the hopes of ultimately being chosen by Jenner to become part of his entourage." Plus hot-tub eliminations! More details after the jump.

Along the way, contestants will be whittled down via "Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies" after which rejected "bros" will be asked to leave the bachelor pad dripping wet in a swimsuit, luggage in hand. Bringing to mind various dating reality shows, contestants also will have shots at a "group date" and "alone time" with Jenner in every episode.

Hahhhh. Dates! Hot tubs! I... I can't. It's just too easy. Didn't MTV learn their lesson with that horrible Frankie Delgado show Twentyfourseven, a "real-life" Entourage that was a catastrophic, embarrassing failure? Guess not! [THR]