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On the safe-for-women news site WowoWow today, octogenarian Post gossip queen Liz Smith weighs in with her opinion of bosses: "My boss is an absolute total shit!" Goodness, Liz! "As I have a lot of bosses in this world just as newspaper, magazine-writing, TV-appearing, Internet-contributing souls all have, I will not identify just which particular boss this is," she adds. But of course, we know exactly who she's talking about.

It's known around the Post newsroom that Liz Smith despises Col Allan, the tabloid's grumpy, pugnacious Aussie editor. It was he who cut Smith's column down to [UPDATE: three] times a week, and she didn't appreciate it. Now, when forgetful people call her up to ask why she's not published more often, her response is, "CALL RUPERT." So she likely thinks Rupert Murdoch isn't a great boss, either!

It's widely assumed that Smith will leave the Post altogether when her contract comes up for renewal. That could put her at WowoWow full time, in which case: yikes.


UPDATE: A note from Liz Smith:

Thanks for today's ink re a boss of mine being a shit, but please note—my column in the Post runs three days, not two. All good wishes—-as many as you wish me, anyway. Liz Smith