It's so very hot. And sticky. And gross. Please don't make me type more than a few words about today's blind items. A lesbian pop star, a gay actor, a four-way casting couch, a cheating politician, and more are waiting for you after the jump. Enjoy. Please also leave donations for the Buy Richard an Air Conditioner Fund.

1)"Which star of a new TV hit has Hollywood scrambling to the pharmacy? He's spreading herpes around town like wildfire." [NYP]

2) "Which gorgeous socialite has a secret side to her sex life? While she's often on the arm of a guy at social functions, we hear she prefers to go home with a lady." [NYP]

3) "Which hit TV show's cast members are as bad in real life as the characters in the plotline? At a recent party, two of the hot actors held up the bathroom line while cutting their own lines in the stalls." [NYP]

4) "Which scoundrel politician has been carrying on an affair with a married socialite heiress for the past year, according to Miami dinner-party gossip?" [NYDN]

5) "Which attractive female pop star who claims to have a boyfriend is more into the ladies? Her aides are terrified the truth is about to emerge." [Mirror]

6) "What foreign born actor who is a regular on a hit network drama and is filming a top popcorn flick right now uses a social networking site to hit on underage females?" [CDaN]

7) "Has anyone else noticed how this A list actor spends as much time apart from his C list girlfriend as possible. Sure they take photos together and they definitely do have a relationship, but it doesn't change the fact that he would rather spend time with his male significant other. (Not Jake G)" [CDaN]

8) "This walk on actress wanted to be on another episode of a hit cable drama. She took her case to the male stars of the show and asked for their help. She got another episode, but only after she took on three of the stars simultaneously. To their credit, a few of the stars said no and didn't take part." [CDaN]