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Yazmany Arboleda, the masterful young media manipulator and artist of debatable talent, still has the national press talking two days after the Secret Service shut down his "art exhibit" about the Assassination of Barack and Hillary. But that's okay, because now the kid is digging his own grave with grand pronouncements. Hoax, you say? No, this whole stunt is probably just over your head:

"Anyone who calls it a hoax is misguided," says the diminutive, hyper 28-year-old. "They don't understand — there are many layers to this."

Oh really? Such as?

"My mission as an artist is to raise dialogue and conversation about substantive things," he says, staring through arty glasses that did not have any lenses. "There's so much media time spent on superficial things — like celebrities. My point is to bring substance back."

[Expert job of killing his subject with quotes, by the WP's David Segal]