The Prozac Nation and Bitch author has graduated from Yale Law at 40 years old. The Main Point blog, to which she occasionally contributes, wrote "Hats off to her and the friends, coaches, and teachers who helped drag her across the goal line." Apparently Ms. Wurtzel decided to go to law school after 9/11. According to a NYT profile last fall, Wurtzel "spent this summer working at the Manhattan firm WilmerHale, drafting legal memoranda about intellectual property and jurisdiction, and was offered a full-time position there upon graduation." But she's still feisty:

As she wrote in the opinion pages of the L.A. Times in March:

"As with everything, the women's movement is partly to blame because back in the 1990s, when the Third Wave was going strong, we advocated sexual freedom, lipstick glamour, a joyous embrace of femininity, an affectionate embrace of men. It was the era of do-me feminism. I appeared topless on the cover of one of my books, a decision I stand by still. I am proud that Naomi Wolf published a book called "Promiscuities" and that Katie Roiphe wrote a book called "The Morning After." I am really proud that Susan Faludi came out with the brilliant "Backlash." But I don't think the idea that you could own your own orgasm was ever intended to teach college coeds that it is a good idea to spend spring break in a shower with your roommate in a motel room in Daytona Beach having a lesbian encounter for the cameras of "Girls Gone Wild." That's not feminism!"

She does what she wants! [L.A. Times]