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As EW spoiler kingpin Steven Daly might have hinted they would, shutterbugs recently got a glimpse of Tom Hanks reprising his role as coiffure-challenged Da Vinci Code symbologist Robert Langdon on the Rome set of Angels & Demons. Everything was going appropriately by-the-numbers when the chronic anguish of complacency rocketed into the Oscar-winner's pinky, requiring a brief stoppage of production as medics attended to the finger. "What ees eet, Tohm?" they were heard to ask.

"It's always the same," Hanks grimaced. "It's like Audrey Tautou's English."

"But Tohm," they cried. "What ees eet?"

"Ask Ron," he said, gesturing his throbbing hand to his director across the way. "That fucker knows. Since Splash! The same fucking finger! Splash, asshole!" Shooting resumed painfully within the hour.