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At the premiere of Kung Fu Panda, Dustin Hoffman had to step away from the Access Hollywood booth due to an interview that he thought he was too intense to handle so early on a Sunday morning. Hoffman remained mum about Access Hollywood's Billy Bush's particular line of questioning, but Hoffman did call Bush "the Woodward AND the Bernstein" of entertainment journalism. He also bristled when Bush called him "Dusty." "Dusty is a nickname reserved for friends, family and cast members in retrospective interviews," Hoffman said. Billy Bush offered up a different version of the story saying that he only asked Hoffman the standard questions. The standard questions included: his thoughts on Lindsay Lohan maybe dating DJ Samantha Ronson, does he know if Angelina Jolie has given birth for reals yet, what was it like working with Angelina Jolie, his thoughts about Heidi & Spencer and The Hills, what's up with the price of gasoline, what he'll be doing to celebrate the Fourth Of July and, finally, his recommendation for a good beach read. Bush said, "It's not like I asked him to solve the energy crisis or to rationalize the presidency of how George W. Bush!"

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