Remember Felix Dennis, the kooky billionaire British magazine publisher who gave us Maxim? He recently admitted (while admittedly drunk) to having "killed a man" in an interview. (He later took it back, post-interview and post-sobering up.) For an new interview in Business Week, Jon Fine asks the tough questions in an attempt to clear up the murder thing: "I'll just be blunt. Have you murdered anybody?"

BW: I will ask one final question about it.

FD: You can ask it but I won't answer it.

BW: Do as you wish. Why say such a thing to a journalist?

FD: Have you ever drunk 5 bottles of wine? I think I could get you to say just about anything you wanted.,

BW: I don't think I would have said that.

FD: I think I could have got you to say it after five bottles of wine.

Fine just emailed us, so we know he's OK. Shall we look forward to an If I Did It book?

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