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Facebook employees blame new COO Sheryl Sandberg, hired away from Google, for the demise of their $600 per month housing subsidy as well as the cancellation of a scheduled drinking contest against CollegeHumor. One Google employee tells us the no-fun-on-my-watch attitude isn't the worst of it:

I worked with Google's OSO group in the past, and I distinctly remember Sheryl Sandberg as being an untrustworthy, back-stabbing political type. People I know mentioned that she would say nice things to their face, and then turn around and badmouth them behind their back to others. Also the way she constantly kissed up to visiting politicians was just insincere. If I were working at Facebook right now, I would be concerned to say the least.

Now remember: this tipster very well might have an ax to grind. Got a pro-Sandberg anecdote? Do tell.