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The victims of the Fox News bedbug infestation are fighting back! Former Fox employee Joan Clark has filed a lawsuit claiming that she has post-traumatic stress disorder from being attacked by bedbugs multiple times at the Fox News headquarters. She says she was bitten by the voracious creatures last October, last November, and just last month. She even claims that her entire department was relocated in a futile attempt to escape the bloodsucking insects! The building owner and maintenance company are named in the lawsuit, and Clark has filed a Worker's Comp claim against News Corp. itself. The full press release detailing her suit is below. We've contacted Fox (which may already be planning its revenge) and Clark's lawyer's for further info. THIS STORY IS FAR FROM OVER.


Joan Clark, a twelve year veteran of Fox News, can no longer go to work
after suffering emotional distress due to a continuous and ongoing bedbug
problem at work. Since October, Fox News has been struggling to control a
bedbug infestation at its headquarters, located at 1211 Avenue of the
Americas, in NYC without success. Ms. Clark, bitten in the original influx
in October '07, then in November '07, was once again attacked by these
swarming insects on April 30, 2007.

Joan Clark has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome and finds
that she is unable to return to work and maintain her normal daily routine.
As a mother with a young child, she is trying to cope and carry on as usual.
She is under the care of doctors who are treating her emotional problems due
to being thrice bitten by bedbugs.

Although her entire department was moved to a different floor, the bedbugs
moved with them. Ms. Clark repeatedly asked and got assurance from her
supervisors that the environment was safe.

Alan Schnurman, Ms. Clark's attorney who has handled numerous bedbug cases
said to his knowledge this is the first lawsuit concerning bedbugs in an
office. "We have had cases in hotels, cruise ships, and apartment buildings
but this is one of the first we know about in the work environment." Bedbug
infestation has reached national epidemic proportions. Even Congress has
taken note and on May 19, 2008, Congressman G.K. Butterfield introduced a
bill before Congress called the "Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Act of 2008" to
establish funding to eradicate this serious problem.

A lawsuit is being filed on behalf of Joan Clark and her husband Stuart
against the building's owner and the maintenance company in Supreme Court,
New York County. Ms. Clark has also filed a Workers Compensation claim
against her employer, the News Corp. A press conference is being held on
Thursday, May 29, 2008, at 11:00AM at the law office of Zalman & Schnurman,
61 Broadway, Suite 1105. Joan Clark and her husband will be on hand to
answer any questions in regard to this matter.

Locate the greasy gross culprit immediately!