Amid all the glamor and glitz and lady empowerment, an unsisterly tragedy struck at the Sex and the City movie premiere last night. Three friends, we'll call them Julia Allison, Meghan Asha, and Mary Rambin, got all gussied up and trotted off (with their upcoming reality show camera crew in tow) to enjoy a night of fabulousity and star gazing at the much buzzed about event. Julia the dating columnist (just like Carrie!) and Meghan (tech heiress and socialite) got in without a hitch, as they already had their tickets secure. But then, the clouds darkened and the low keening of travesties of old lilted across the red carpet, dancing grimly with the spring breeze. Mary, the handbag designer and big sister of actress Leven, was denied entrance and abandoned by her gal pals.

The mean old clipboard people didn't know who she was, did not have her name on any list, and a third ticket that Julia thought she might be able to procure never materialized. According to an eyewitness, Mary "was greeted with a flat 'sorry, don't know who you are. bye now.' cue significant freakout, frantic texting or phoning, basic-cable tears." The horror! Julia and Meghan, of course, went on ahead into the movie, leaving Mary alone on the sidewalk, all dressed up with nowhere to go, a sisterly bond forever ruined. It's just like that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda gets pregnant and is sort of "meh" about it and Charlotte gets upset because she can't have a baby but really wants one. Life is never fair. Julia tells us that it was a more low key disaster, saying "we all went together, I had a ticket for Meghan and a ticket for myself and we were hoping that a friend of ours had a third ticket, but he didn't." Either way, quel dommage. Maybe after the reality show airs, she won't have to worry about tickets! Publicists will just usher her into the back of the theater where she'll stand, masked by sunglasses and a cold gaze, barely remembering a time when she was denied access to all that glitters. For now though, Mary, stay strong.

Though, apparently Juila and Meghan haven't quite "Arrived" themselves. A tipster tells us:

"Patrick McMullan covered the Sex and the City premiere last night...of course. I was browsing the photo gallery to catch a glimpse of the fashions. Every person in attendance is listed correctly with their names under their photos... EXCEPT... through the entire gallery... a picture of JA and friends with "Who am I?" written under their mugs..."


Update: Mary has clued us in to what really went down: "It's true, I actually didn't SEE the movie, but my beloved friends Julia and Meghan were not at fault. In fact, I had more fun at The Ritz bar than the girls did in the movie. It all worked out for best!" Oh, phew.