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So much racism news today! What else are non-Caucasians concerned about? Their massive erasure from the portrayal of New York City in its marketing campaign to tourists, that's what! The city's laughably titled "Just ask the locals" campaign encourages clueless tourists to ask famous NYC celebrities—who are friendly, and stationed at strategic spots throughout town—where to go in the city. Deborah Harry likes Kenkeleba Garden in the East Village! But now people are grumbling, because a little counting reveals that an outrageously disproportionate number of the celebs featured in the campaign are white. Latinos, it seems, just don't sell:

According to NYC & Company, which is behind the campaign, 27 people were chosen to participate in the campaign's first two phases. Of those, six are black, one if half Korean and the rest — about 80 percent — are white (or, appear to be, anyway). That's non-Hispanic white, by the way.

Mind you, the actual percentage of non-Hispanic whites in the city is 35 percent, according to the 2000 Census. Hispanics, who can be any race, accounted for 27 percent, black/African-American 24.5 percent and Asians accounted for 9.7 percent.

NYC & Co. says the campaign is "evolving," and they plan to reach out to more Latinos soon. Especially fictional characters!

"We have a list of people we like to reach out to. It is very diverse. Ugly Betty is coming to the city, and we're reaching out to America Ferrara."

Ugly Betty is a New Yorker. America Ferrara, however, only plays one on television.

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