Jews! They hate Obama! That's according to today's Times, in which we learn that Florida's Jews are almost as misinformed as West Virginia's everyone. Anyway—old Jewish retirees all think Obama is against Israel, even though he's just as solidly pro-whatever Israel wants as every other major American politician from either side of the aisle. What can Obama do to win them over?

Go to Katz's: "Because Mr. Obama is relatively new on the national stage, his résumé of Senate votes in support of Israel is short, as is his list of high-profile visits to synagogues and delis."

Oh, nice work, Jodi Kantor. High-profile visits to delis. Obama's also neglected to make a high-profile visit to his psychiatrist, his popular music producer, or his jeweler. And it would kill him to make one high-profile call to his mother once in a while?

Anyway, the takeaway here is that old Jewish people are terrified of the Blacks, so they will all vote for John McCain, who will nuke anyone who is mean to Israel.

The thing is, Florida is full of these old Jewish people and also Latinos, so Obama has already crossed it off his map. He knows he stands no chance there (especially if McCain selects Governor Crist as his running mate), and he will make up for it in western states (theoretically). This is the year we probably don't need give a shit about Florida, thank god.

Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama [NYT]