Because of Silicon Valley! Here's Times op-ed columnist, author, brilliant intellectual, and world-flattening champion of morally repulsive market-worship Thomas Friedman answering the quite reasonable question "was the Iraq war worth doing." He says: "I think it was unquestionably worth doing," because in the 90s there was a "terrorism bubble," just like those other bubbles you may have read about in the works of economists with fucking brains. Now America needs to take a big stick and go to every house in Iraq and tell them to suck on it. Seriously, he actually says "suck on this." This is a New York Times columnist and formerly a respected academic. It's insane. This interview is from late 2007, of course, back when all thinking people knew the war was a pointless disaster. It will be at least another six months before we know if Friedman will ever come around.