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Little-known MySpace "cofounder" Kyle Brinkman announced new rules for application developers on the social network's platform today. They're meant to prevent the spam bubble Facebook went through after it launched its platform last year. In response, Facebook tightened up its rules, and offended developers in the process. MySpace's new rules:

  • No incentives may be given to a member for sending a message, bulletin, comment, or any other form of communication. This includes "points," "bucks," increased standing, or even features within the app.
  • It must be very clear to a member what they are sending, when they are sending communication. "Share with friends" is not sufficient messaging, the link must state "send comment," "send bulletin," and so on.
  • The "no popups" rule we have had in place since day one applies to messaging windows. This means no more popping up a messaging window the first time someone tries to use an app. No popping up messaging windows without a user clicking on a very clearly marked link.

Slide executive Keith Rabois, for one, welcomes his schoolmarmish new overlords. "We approve of [the rules]," he says. "We always have believed in transparency to the user. And we have never believed in incenting users to artificially send out comments or invites, unlike other developers."