Ha! A former barista for the small coffee shop chain Starbucks has come forward and admitted to switching whole milk for skim when making caffeine cocktails for the Olsen twins. Mary Kate and Ashley have been frequent and loyal customers of the humble little java huts over the years, and have also (well, especially Mary Kate) been involved in various "so skinny!" grumblings. "The barista thought the Olsens were too thin, so whenever they ordered their usual drink, he would replace the skim milk with full-fat," said a source. What a nefarious, strangely philanthropic plot.

The twins' publicist said the whole (heh) thing is "ridiculous," and an anonymous friend of the twins says "it's also my worst nightmare — that and getting a huge diet fountain soda that is mistakenly regular Coke — but I can def(initely) taste the difference, so it's their own fault if they fell victim." Oh, def. When I'm guzzling grande lattes to get off the no-food shakes, I'm definitely piquing my taste buds for milk fattiness. Worst. Nightmare. Ever. [The Scoop]