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In an address to employees after a tour of the CNET building in SoMa, CBS chairman Leslie Moonves proclaimed, "CNET is CBS Interactive's worldwide headquarters." It might have been meant to stoke employees on the deal. But it could just as well remind workers who just went through a round of layoffs that they now face redundancy with CBS's own online publishing teams.

Reporters can take some solace in comments by CNET CFO Zander Lurie to analyst Imran Kahn dismissing the threat from tech blogs ("we do a lot of the things that the aforementioned bloggers don't do") and promoting original content ("You have to have (the) in-house editorial staff"). But will the San Francisco-based company even keep the name CNET? "At this time we don't know," says the employee FAQ. Just in case, save up that CNET schwag: Selling it on eBay could be a way to supplement severance packages. (Photo by Adam Buchen)