Philips got some props recently for its thoughtful ad for women's razors that starred a crossdressing dancer (man) named Karis. The spot was a break from the ad world's normal "Girlie men are funny ha ha" angle. Although you shouldn't expect to see any serious portrayals of transvestites in Budweiser Super Bowl ads any time soon. Boinkology went and interviewed Karis, and he wants the world to know that he doesn't put all these crazy labels on himself. His motivation? "Just being fierce."

What do you mean by misled?

I first of all don't identify as a tranny, or transsexual. For the commercial I wore breasts, and I knew it was going to come back to me, but it was so groundbreaking that I was happy to do it. Honestly, I like to think that I can change myself and be however I'm comfortable. I'm a little tranny... I'm all of those things

So how do you identify yourself?

I'm so comfortable being myself, I've just never questioned. I love the whole androgyny thing, though, if that's even a category. I'm a man, and I do love being a man, and would never want to change that - but I also have my days where I love getting dressed up and just being fierce.

About the ad, Karis says, "It's a shame that it'll never air in the States - but thank god for the internet."