Former Gawker Joshua "Joshy" Stein, ever-enamored of his new 'hood of Williamsburg, points out that a new Netflix feature allows people to see what films others in their zip code are renting. For 11211, he's found that the top five movies are La Jetée, The Holy Mountain, Blow Up, Do The Right Thing, and Solaris. (As Stein puts it, "Despair, pretension, easy sex, pop music, violence, hate, photography, isolation, trouble.") We put this search function to the test. What are they watching in Bridgeport, Connecticut? San Francisco? Do they conform to regional stereotypes?

In rough-and-tumble Bridgeport, CT:

#1: "I Think I Love My Wife"
#7 is "Why Did I Get Married?"

Theme: Oh noes. Families are disintegrating.

San Francisco:
#1: "24 Hours on Craiglist"
#3: "Commune"
#7: "Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock"

Theme: Techies and hippies!

In the geek-boy Google capital of Mountain View, CA:

#1: "Tell Me You Love Me, Season 1"
#2 and #6: "Battlestar Galactica

Theme: We work for Google. There aren't a lot of girls here and we're sad.

In fancy Easthampton, NY:

#1 is "Becket": "When King Henry II (Peter O'Toole) names his friend and former drinking partner Thomas à Becket (Richard Burton) the new Archbishop of Canterbury, he counts on his unbending loyalty when it comes to religious matters..."

Theme: Inaccessibility, old money.

[Photo: librarygeek's Flickr]