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When we heard that BlueLithium founder Gurbaksh Chahal bought a $6.9 million penthouse, we figured he'd go with something tastefully modern to match the building and his taste in slim suits and slimmer ties. But no, oh no. Think animal skins; a headboard and coffee table monogrammed with his signature "G;" and actual chintz upholstery on the dining room set, which a cheap-looking but showy chandelier hovers over. It's like a pileup on the midcentury-minimalism and rococo-inspired Gucci decadence highway.

His self-aggrandizing website is muted and subued in its design by comparison, and that's saying something. Seems Chahal didn't bother to spend any of his millions on a subscription to Architectural Digest or Wallpaper. (Photo via SFLuxe)