Our favorite socialiteblogger Emily Brill is hanging out with charity gal Erica Birmingham! (We've introduced you to her before; she was the Duchess of Harvard!) Brill tells the Observer that Erica is "full of life, loves New York and has a great heart." We think Duchess Erica will be good for Brill—she's already told the heiress and daughter of former publishing magnate Steve Brill to start tipping better:

"I always tip 20% unless something really atrocious occurred - like, the waiter spills a drink on you and then isn't even apologetic. I'm sure this is inspired by my parents - my father is, typically, even more generous with gratuity. One thing that I find especially frustrating about tips is that some people I know calculate them based on food but not alcohol - people have seriously strong, divergent opinions on this topic, and it's always awkward." [Erica, via Confessions of a Fifth Avenue Misfit]

Emily had been arguing for 15%. Seriously, rich people are the worst tippers.