Andew Krucoff asked Rex Sorgatz which Twitter feeds he should follow. If those names mean something to you, you may already be familiar with this list. (Which is, in Krucoff's words, "a little tech, a little New York, a little media and lots of girls, girls, girls.") If not, here are the Internet Glitteratti's most personal thoughts and dreams, expressed in 140 characters or less. After the jump, the 23 people you Tweet in heaven.

Nick Douglas

Jason Calacanis

Jackson West

Anil Dash

Allison Mooney

Lockhart Steele

Scott Kidder

Caroline McCarthy

Kelly Reeves

Jason Kottke

Peter Rojas

Lindsay Robertson

Julia Allison

Anthony Volodkin

Choire Sicha

Nicholas Carlson

Alisa Leonard

Jaclyn Johnson

Ana Marie Cox

Heather Snodgrass

Jessica Coen

Alex Blagg

Rex Sorgatz

Don't Shoot the Canary [YM]