Wesleyan University, one of the most annoying liberal arts schools in the United States, had an end-of-school "huge block party" last night. Police used probably-unnecessary force (paintball guns with pepper balls, tasers, dogs) to disperse the 250 students on the street; some of them threw bottles at police cars, reports NBC30. But oh, those Millennial generation kids! Thank God they've liveblogged this: "Neither students nor police handling this particularly well. Someone chanting 'Glo-bal war-ming!' -> WTF?"

Dogs barking, megaphone order to disperse. Mace brandished. General Disarray. Continued bustle of people. Please send any photos not taken with phone to wesleying@gmail

student quote "what better way to leave wesleyan? it's a spectacle..."
crowd sings the fight song. go wes...?
beautiful yet menacing german shepards. chomping at the bit.

Dogs walking up and down the street. National anthems, paintball guns shot!!!!

STUDENTS FIRED UPON. pellets apparently bounced off ground, dogs chasing students, officers in tow.

Angry students yelling at PSAFE to get police out of here. Pepper spray dispersed. Some violent words. Students restraining other students.

STudents yell about fucking pigs, dogs chasing more people.

Drunk people yelling really, really irately about their rights. "can't even breathe because of that shit they put in the air" car alarm goes off again. Students apparently under arrest.

Dans la rue! Dans la rue!

[Photo: Wesleying]