"Show us what happens beyond the borders of classic album sleeves," says this Photoshop contest that's getting (as so many memes do) its second round of popularity in blogland. It's one of five fantastic album cover memes, brought to you by a generation whose greatest art is a tribute to the ephemera around the last generation's art.

1. Extended Album Covers: See above.

2. CD Cover Meme: Your band name is a random Wikipedia title. Your album name is the last four words of a random quote. Your cover picture is the third picture on this page.

3. I Am A Record Cover: Make yourself part of an album cover. (More on Flickr.)

4. Album Cover Collage: A series of ads for a music download site.

5. Worst Album Covers (also at Pitchfork 2007 and 2006). See also: sexy album covers.

And of course for serious people there is a blog about album covers. Why people spent so much time designing an image for my iPhone screen, I'll never know.