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Give us more H-1B visas and we'll give you innovative products. That's the pitch Google exec Laszlo Bock made to Congress as he decried the H-1B visa cap. Projects like also-ran social network Orkut, which was created (or stolen, depending on who you ask) by H-1B hire Orkut Buyukkokten (pictured, right) represent a boon to the U.S. economy, added Google lobbyist Pablo Chavez as he echoed Block's plea for more visas.

But this week's SEC filing painted a different picture of orkut, as Google warned investors that its "ability to generate revenue from services in which we have invested considerable time and resources, such as YouTube, Gmail, Orkut and Google Checkout" poses a risk to the company. Buyukkokten, meanwhile, has made enough off Google to buy a three-story apartment in San Francisco and hire male strippers for a birthday party.