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TV networks continue to come up with new and better ways to morph their shows into continuous advertisements. MTV is already selling ads that are designed to be mini-shows in themselves, and ABC has gone subliminal. Not to be outdone, Turner Entertainment is now telling advertisers that it can strategically insert their ads into commercial breaks directly following part of a broadcast that relates to their product. I'm not sure how this is supposed to make us more disposed to buy crap, but it will certainly make watching movie reruns that much more annoying:

Ms. Yaccarino showed an example as part of her presentation. After the conclusion of a scene from the movie "Anchorman" in which Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell discuss love, the first spot in the next commercial break could be for the online dating service.

She also described an example of a scene from the movie "Hitch" in which Will Smith suffers an allergic reaction to his food. That could be followed, Ms. Yaccarino said, by a commercial for the Walgreen drugstore chain for the allergy medicine Zyrtec.

Most parts of "Hitch" would be ripe for Suicide Hotline ads, too.