Someone has robbed Marc Jacobs! No, not of his heart. (Though the fashion designer's former fiancé Jason Preston is newly listed as "In a relationship" on the Facebook. Might this still make Marc sad?) Marc Jacobs has been robbed of precious, precious money. And lots of it. A 24-year-old Kansan named Kyle Avila (who, update!, posed naked for Marc Jacobs t-shirts!) was arrested at his apartment on 28th street for stealing $65,000 from the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessory store in the West Village, where he was a manager. Gay (we can assume) on gay crime! Avila was caught by another manager who noticed money was missing while looking through receipts. He confronted the larcenist and gave him until Sunday to return the money.

Of course, because most 24-year-old shop clerks don't have sixty-five grand just lying around, Avila never showed up with the money. So the other manager called the fuzz and the arrest was made. Such a pity that a young Kansan's dreams of the big city were so quickly dashed. Maybe he just couldn't afford his Manhattan lifestyle and was too proud to move to one of the boroughs? Or maybe he (justly) felt that Marc's prices were too high and was performing a bit of selfish Robin Hood-ing? We may never know, and Avila has been charged with grand larceny, meaning he could be looking at the low double digits as a sentence (though doubtful) if convicted. Crime doesn't pay! And neither does Marc Jacobs. Well, not enough, apparently.

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