Ooo guys. Stylista is coming this fall. Oh you haven't heard? It's the new CW reality series starring Elle fashion news director Anne Slowey, who will preen and do her best Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada while a bunch of 'mos and sad girls compete to be her assistant. Sounds great, right? Though it seems a bit more like a piece of performance than a reality show. I love that the producers decided that a powerful fashion magazine lady has to be a complete bitch or else the idiots stuffing their faces with cool ranch Doritos and macaroons on their big dumb couches won't find her believable. Successful women are always harpies! That's what the movie taught us! I mean, I guess Slowey could actually be some sort of monster, but in preview clips she seems uncomfortable with the persona, especially when the only thing she can say to the overweight girl during the criticize-how-people-look segment is "I like your glasses." Miranda Priestly totally would have thrown off some wicked one liner. (Anna Wintour probably would have killed her and worn her for warmth.) Judge for yourself in the clip above (plus the two after the jump).