Marc Jacobs' new possible boyfriend, who we hissed about last week, has been identified. Lorenzo Martone, a Brazilian advertising exec, has been spotted with the seemingly scandal-proof fashion designer quite a bit of late. They were at the recent Marukami show at the Brooklyn Museum, the Costume Institute gala last week (as pictured in the previous post), and showed up to fellow designer Valentino's birthday part on Friday night. And he seems normal.

Martone was described by a Gawker commenter (we pretty sure s/he was alluding to Martone) as "warm hearted (such a lovely, generous spirit) and emotionally grounded (not one for the spotlight)." He sounds like, um, a respectable catch. Which, sadly, is more than some of the more prudish could say about his last few gentlemen callers. Former rentboy Jason Preston, porn star Eric Rhodes, and MySpace somebody-or-other Austin A. don't exactly come across as successful careerists or people who aren't "for the spotlight." This new development is troubling, if only for the people who, um, make their living poking fun at Jacobs' love life. We were hoping for a bridge dweller or Chris Crocker or something! This is just shameful. Shamefully tasteful.