Well, she's over. (For now. Sigh.) Last night saw the end of the most boring season yet of MTV's already-pretty-damn boring reality gobbledygook The Hills. And, what happened? Well, not a whole hell of a lot. Audrina continued to be sad and lonely, and Lauren still remained (falsely?) clueless to the evil Lo's machinations. Their tearful encounter at the end of the episode was a little bit sad, but completely unresolved. If that is what constitutes a cliffhanger around there, then I think our old bejeweled friend has flat lined. In Speidiland, Heidi continued to square-face her way through meetings with Brent Bolthouse and his swaggering business partner in Las Vegas. This new planned hotel/casino is going to be classy! Just like St. Tropez! Of course Spencer, under the lame "no...don't...don't do it..." protestations of sister Stephanie, had to come and muck everything up. He made an impassioned, scripted plea for Heidi's heart. We already knew they'd get back together, so the only real fun surprise was to watch Heidi treat her job like a real grownup and just, um, not show up for her flight with her bosses. Professional! So that was about it. Little lost, little gained. If this show has any hope of "redeeming" itself next season, the producers need to do one simple thing: for God's sake, don't ignore the fact that these people have become famous.

The Hills could be like a real world lady Entourage! (Which, admittedly, isn't saying much these days.) Reportedly Lauren has asked that her fashion "career" not be mentioned on the series. The idea being, I guess, to preserve the integrity of the fashions. Though, doesn't that mean that Lauren thinks the show has no integrity? If these fools don't care about their dumb show, then why should we? I'm sure Heidi and Spencer would be glad to do anything on camera, so it's surprising that her music hasn't been mentioned at all. Instead they just half-heartedly trotted out her fake PR job and then let it die a quick death last night. Let's get some terrible music video filming and studio warbling. Finally, coming on the heels of yesterday's casting announcement, wouldn't it be fun to watch Audrina filming Into the Blue 2: Electric Eel Boogaloo?

We all know all this glitzy Hollywood fame shit (paparazzi, red carpets, etc.) is going on, so why not show it? To completely ignore this large facet of these peoples' lives just seems (like the characters themselves) increasingly strange and forced. Some annoying MTV person might say that to show these people as the celebrities they are would remove the "Hills girls, they're just like us!" hook that supposedly nets young female viewers, but I don't buy that for a second. The bulk of the audience can't be that stupid, right?