There are two ways to get sex for free from an escort. You could try your hand at dating her as a civilian, or you could start a lucrative escort review site and bribe her with good reviews in exchange for freebies. Some escorts call that last tactic rape. Dave of Phoenix, the online pseudonym of an escort client and advocate, maintains a personal mailing list of preferred ladies. In an email sent to that list and leaked to Valleywag, Dave shares the text of an anonymous Craigslist ad which sought witnesses to speak out against Dave Elms, the notorious owner of escort-ratings site

Have you been raped by Dave at The Erotic Review? From a Provider Looks like Dave of TER is getting what's coming to him TER is a disgrace. Someone really needs to shut them down for good.

Have you been raped by Dave at The Erotic Review?
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Date: 2008-04-06, 6:36PM PDT
Are you one of the women Dave Elms has coerced into unsafe sex to stay on his website? Did he ban you because you refused? Did you contract an STD from your rape? Are you interested in making sure that this doesn't happen to another woman?

If you are willing to tell your story to a private investigator who will guarantee your anonymity you can help stop this. Please send a brief description of your experience with him and you will be contacted. With a few women who are willing to go on record this man can be stopped - and you will be able to bring a civil suit and make him pay for what he has done.

TER has been instrumental in organizing the online escort business, with over half a million reviews posted. And Elms has already been in the spotlight for his part in artificially puffing up the reputation of the busted-up NY Confidential agency, including accepting a monthly $5,000 bribe to keep its escorts' ratings at the prized 10/10 no matter what their clients actually said about them.

Other accusations leveled at Elms are removing the positive reviews of providers who won't date him or his employees, which, the escorts claim, could damage their business and reputation. Is it really true that even in the sex business, to get a good performance review, woman are still asked to sleep with the CEO?

(Photo of Natalia, formerly of NY Confidential, via New York magazine)