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TV Guide, one of America's biggest magazines, was sold a few days ago. Now it's for sale again! Well, not the parts of the brand that have some actual value (the website and the cable program guides and on-demand technology). Rather, new owner Macrovision is looking for a sharp business entity that would like to take the print magazine off of its hands. Cheaply, no doubt! And to the skeptics who might say that buying the money-losing print version of TV Guide without the accompanying web brand would be like buying a cow without milk, consider this: the new editor is looking to achieve "topicality and newsiness, urgency." By doing things like reviewing YouTube videos!

"There's more of a need for this magazine than ever, given the explosion in the number of TV channels," said Debra Birnbaum, a TV Guide editor who was promoted to editor in chief on Tuesday.


The new TV Guide editor, Ms. Birnbaum, 37, has been a top editor of TV Guide, the celebrity magazine Life & Style and Inside TV, a short-lived spinoff of TV Guide. She said her mission was to continue TV Guide's transition to being an entertainment magazine and a critical filter for viewers overwhelmed by choices. And she said she wanted to include Web sites like YouTube.

Yes: because when savvy online users want to know what to watch on YouTube, they turn to TV Guide's print version. Not to, which will be owned by another company.

Interested buyers contact Macrovision now!